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Sacramento Green Design Architecture and Building

"Green Design"

Green design and construction is not just a trend, it is a necessity, an ideal to strive towards to leave the world better than we found it, however incrementally. It is about quality of construction, resource and energy efficiency and making buildings that enhance our health and well-being.

We are proud of being at the forefront of "Green Design" in the Sacramento, CA area for nearly 20 years with our emphasis on preserving and restoring existing historic homes. We work with our contractor and sub groups to salvage useable materials, minimize and recycle waste, and maintain a clean and organized project site. Our "whole house" approach to energy efficiency and conservation makes the most of your historic home's intrinsic value with regards to thermal comfort. We can help you choose new materials that are durable, beautiful and appropriate to the home while also incorporating recycled and rapidly renewable content in flooring, countertops, cabinets and other finishes. We further can specify materials and methods of construction that do not off-gas, create moldy conditions or other sources of indoor air pollution to keep your home as healthy as possible. If you wish to get a Green Point or LEED rating on your project, our team of experienced consultants can assist from the design phase to field testing and inspections.

Sacramento New Architecture and Building

Architecture of the New

As in all design work - we start by listening. Listening to clients, we learn to see the project from their point of view. Our process is one of creating a unique solution that is tailor-made to the vision we co-create and adhere to throughout the project. We listen to what the client needs, what they value, what they see on the site and what the rough budget is to get it done.

Then we discuss how we can create something unique and fitting for their needs at the site, share what images or styles they value (we look at pictures!) and a timeline for completion.

Next we analyze the site - the context of natural features - trees, water, land forms or surrounding structures, access and parking, then of sun, prevailing breezes, views, noise, privacy and other environmental factors. We then sketch and communicate a variety of design concepts to see how and what solutions might fit. Finally the best fitting design is "fleshed out" with material details and technical specifications to create a lasting, efficient and healthy building.

Design is only the first stage of a process - ultimately clients desire much more than a set of plans -- they want a finished project! Our job is not complete until we put the right building team together and collaborate with them to the final inspection.

Sacramento Remodeling


Remodeling is a different kind of work for an architect and the design team. It requires careful observation of the existing conditions and an ability to transform what is -- into a new environment that seems as though it was always there.

With the first visit to a site, careful observations begin - along with the listening and setting of project goals - including budget and timing. As-Built plans are made from careful measurements and photographs. The process of schematic design begins as we address the stated needs and wants of our client with a series of sketch plans, elevations sections and if necessary perspective sketch views. Innovation and invention is a natural part of our design work. We work hard to fully understand the design "problem" so we know when we find the right design "solution". Especially in remodel, the problem solving and creative juices need to keep flowing throughout the project so the final product is the best it can be.

Sacramento residential architecture and building


Understanding what makes a home tick is critical to good design. We seek to understand how a person or a family uses their home then help them create the setting for how they will live in it. At the same time, we carefully guide clients to maintain the value of the home should they need to sell it. Attention to how the house functions for comfort and energy use is a specialty of ours. We can advise on whole house strategies to heat and cool the home with a minimum of energy input and cost. We also work hard to allow the house and garden to work together so that outdoor living is an easy and natural extension of the indoors. Porches, patios, terraces, decks, balconies, roof decks, container gardens and outdoor rooms are a part of California Valley living that are just as important as the interior spaces. We work with talented interior design and landscape design consultants to complete the project vision in every detail.

Sacramento commercial architecture and building


Design for business is completely different, yet the same skills come into play. We listen closely to the needs of our business clients and craft a plan for tenant improvement or new construction to meet the special needs of a business. Here schedule and budget come into the forefront, so our relationships with top builders in the process of design helps to get the job rolling on target. A team of consultants will be assembled with Pinerworks as the lead Architect to orchestrate the effort successfully.

Sacramento home office architecture and building

Home Office

Working from the home has never been more relevant, with more and more people seeking to reduce the costs and time of commuting and spend more time close to their home and family life. Design/build services may come into play in either a minor or major way to help create this space - whether a simple consultation on layout, lighting, storage or soundproofing -- to carving out a dedicated space with new walls, partitions or an addition. With our interior design consultants we can complete the entire project, down to helping select the right furnishings and finishes. Then because you will be likely living in the home during construction, providing the right, trusted and competent professionals to get the project built quickly and cleanly, like a surgical strike.

Sacramento property repair and home improvement

Property Repair and Home Improvement

If your home or property needs repairs, don't just call a contractor. With our value-added approach to every project large or small even a roof replacement or minor repair can become an opportunity to get a lot more for your money on a given project. Call for a consultation or referral to our network of trusted subs. With the right information we can help you enhance and improve your investment in ways you may not ever consider otherwise!