Testimonials about PinerWorks - Sacramento Architecture and Building Group

1111 33rd Street Home Remodel

Downtown Sacramento Home Remodel

Client Testimonial

"Our family was growing faster than our house and so we went to Matthew for some ideas. We found in Matthew the rare quality that balances expertise with a service philosophy. We sensed early on that the project was going to be successful--and it was! Within weeks of starting, approvals began flowing from downtown. Matthew's reputation and the trust he engenders with the city bureaucracy made all the difference for moving things ahead, particularly in the closely-scrutinized Alhambra corridor. When intensive contact was critical, Matthew was there for us, as the project hand-off to the builder, Joe Dolce Construction, went flawlessly. And I had ample opportunity to observe the project first-hand (the site was in my daily commute from temporary residence to my office downtown). Being a builder himself, Matthew provided the direction and detail in the plans that enabled Joe's crews to proceed at maximum efficiency. The proof is that inside one year the project was concieved, approved, and built and in-budget--a turn-key success that went beyond all expectation."

-- Paul Veisze

Exterior Stairs Imagery

Exterior Victorian Addition

Project is a replacement exterior stair to an 1870's era "Landmark Designated" Brick Victorian home converted into Attorney's offices in the Alkali Flats area, a Preservation District. Design review by the City of Sacramento Preservation Department approved a design that was simple, durable and timeless - distinct from the original but detailed to simply complement the structure and address the commercial use. The wood material is a unique new wood product called "Accoya", which is sustainably harvested and certified to last for 50 years. All other parts were either an exterior treated material ("Wolmanized" PSL lumber for the frame) or painted steel for long lasting exterior service.

Client Testimonial

"I am a General Contractor and have just completed a very difficult project drawn and engineered by Matt at Pinerworks Architecture. Matt was chosen because of his reputation for knowledge about historic buildings and his rapport with the City of Sacramento historic department. He was able to get a project approved using a blend of green materials and contemporary metals on a historically registered building. Matt was very helpful in consulting with me to keep costs in check as he was completing the design. I will continue to use Matt's services as the opportunity arises."

-- Dave Evans, Alkali Flats area, Sacramento

Whole House and Garden Remodel

Project took 3 distinct phases to correct a botched, non-permitted remodel on a 1930's home in LandPark and make the home structurally sound, energy efficient with modern conveniences in all the bathrooms and a new kitchen. In the garden we designed and built a new Trellis, added a concrete patio with French doors and steps from a bedroom converted into a Family room space. Upstairs we converted 3 awkwardly designed bedrooms into a master suite and study.

Client Testimonial

"We have used Matthew Piner for three design projects at our 1935 home over the past 15 years, and he has executed each with professionalism and flair. He listened patiently to our questions and ideas, and offered insightful solutions that were historically and environmentally sensitive. He is honest and he cares about delivering excellent work. We highly recommend him."

-- Dan and Karen Flynn, LandPark area, Sacramento

Kitchen and Bath/Utility room addition

Project was an addition on a ca. 1905 "FourSquare" home in Midtown, Sacramento.. Removed old addition from back of house, updated utilities and created new kitchen, with outdoor deck and covered sitting space, and a new laundry/utility room including a unique laundry drop/chute from the upstairs bedroom/bath.

Client Testimonial

"In 1994, Pinerworks completed a design-build makeover of the back of my house, remodeling my kitchen and creating a combination laundry room / full bath where only wasted space existed before. Absolutely every day since then, I have been consciously delighted with such results as the dramatic increase in natural light, a "work room" that any cook would fall in love with, and the craftsmanship that went into retaining the pre-existing character of my 100-year-old house. As if all that weren't enough, I found Matt Piner a joy to work with: he helped me imagine an array of possibilities by sketching and re-sketching "live on-camera" until, together, we had a design that we were both proud of. That was great fun and -- except for the frustration of living through a kitchen remodel -- I have fond memories of the whole process."

-- Deanna Marquart, Midtown area Sacramento

Client Testimonial

"Our overly complicated owner/builder project is centered on an 1895 listed Victorian which needed a new location. Our initial contacts with other architects left us with the sinking feeling that we were in deep water and not going to get much detailed help. Matt was recommended because of his experience with restoration work and his expertise at navigating the bureaucracy - and there turned out to be plenty of need for that skill. Our house turned out to be an aggregation of two contemporaneous structures which preservation had to agree should be separated into their original components and the connecting structure demolished. We then moved them, lifted and added on to the main house, rebuilt the secondary house as original, and at the back of the lot built an open floor garage/shop and topped it off with a cantilevered apartment with zero lot line clearance. In addition to the daunting obstacles presented by preservation, the basement structure of the main house is a commercial office space and so the whole lot fell under commercial requirements. Matt turned out to be knowlegable about every facet from history and esthetics through plans and permits and finally to demolition, construction and finish detail. He has been patient enough to work through a seemingly endless array of frustrating impediments and the resultant Preservation and Planning hearings. In addition, Matt cares about green building innovations and has guided us to the most envirionmentally advantageous alternatives. It has been a long hard road but we are seeing our dreams for this project being fulfilled and it is not an overstatement to say that without Matt Piner, 3018 'G' St would not be happening the way it is."

-- Sincerely,
Geoffrey and Antonia Antipa